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Have you ever tasted something that is so good, you simply couldn't put it out of your mind? You tried to find something similar, but in the end, nothing could ever compare to the perfection you first tasted. That's how Mexcal was born.

Mexcal is a combination of everything we love: flavorful food, traditions, and the comfort of home, from the freshly made salsas, to our slowly roasted meats every component has been painstakingly thought out, so when you take a bite, the mixture of textures and tastes work together to create an extraordinary experience.

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Restaurant Group

Mexcal is the newest incorporation to a family of restaurants located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Orale restaurant group was born in 2017 and our vision was to modernize Mexican cuisine using ingredients that evoke traditional flavors without appearing pretentious or stuck in the past.

Orale is a Mexican slang used to express encouragement and our group stand for the encouragement of trying new things.